Off the field with Timothée Clément

It’s true that becoming the best requires years of practice, patience and experience. But every once in a while, a young player steps onto the field with the skills to outsmart even the most seasoned players. Enter Timothée Clément. 

At just 22 years of age, this #ImpactPlayer has taken the field hockey game by storm, demonstrating what raw, unfiltered talent looks like. The French Midfielder first made his debut with the U-21 team at the EuroHockey Junior Championship II in 2017, where he stole the show and helped his team take home the gold. 

Over the last five years, Timothée has exploded onto the world scene, competing against some of the biggest names in the sport and collecting an impressive 37 international caps. The rising star is a weapon not only on the field but also in the classroom. When he’s not dominating the competition with his club team La Gantoise, Timothée is deep in his books, studying to become a  physiotherapist. 

Eager to learn more about his impressive career thus far, we called up Timothée to chat about colossal learning curves, future plans and his gryphon stick of choice. 

Favourite hockey moment so far?

Last Junior World Cup in India when we took home the bronze medal and I was the best player of the tournament. 

What are the top 3 things you have learnt so far in your career?

1. Play as a team 

2. Stay focused all the time

3. Give 100% of yourself

What keeps you motivated as an athlete?

Winning important games and playing in big competitions always keeps me motivated. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

In 5 years’ time, I hope to be playing for one of the best clubs. 

Favourite food? 

Anything to do with gastronomy. 

Favourite travel destination

It would have to be a road trip through Australia. 

Go-to game-day tracks 

El incomprendido and Faruko. 

Gryphon hockey stick of choice?

Gryphon Tour Deuce II. 

All-time favourite Instagram page?


As Timothée gears up for another fiery season, we expect to see more great things from the youngster. Catch Timothée in action along with our other stellar Gryphon #ImpactPlayers at the FIH Pro League in May. 

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