Behind The Bold Design of The Taboo Bluesteel GXXII


It goes without saying that the Taboo Bluesteel GXXII’s bold look will sweep any player off their feet. But, there’s more to this stick than meets the eye.  As part of our GXXII series, the Taboo Bluesteel collection combines years of innovation, science and cutting-edge technology with one fundamental goal: to push the outer limits.  […]

Off The Field With María López Garcia


Over the years, hockey has seen many great players step onto the field and level up the game in new and bold ways. And while the competition continues to get tougher each year, players like Maria López García are simply in a league of their own.  The Spanish defender first made her debut in the […]

Off the field with Nicolas De Kerpel


In sports, there are players who show up and put on a solid performance, and then there are players who step onto the field and change the game with a single swing.  Nicolas De Kerpel falls into the second category without fail.  Born in Belgium, the fierce defender has been breaking barriers on the field […]

Power meets precision in the new Gryphon GXXII series

Throughout the decades, we’ve seen everything from turbo timber sticks to light-weight fibreglass weapons, but none have been able to achieve perfect precision and explosive power in one sleek package; that is until now.  Introducing the Gryphon GXXII series. The result of years of innovation and cutting-edge technology, this revolutionary new series is one of […]

Make a difference through the power of sports…

Make a difference through the power of sports..

Since 2018 Hockey Dreams Foundation and GRYPHON have partnered to Make An Impact within our sport and support the development of sustainable communities.  GRYPHON was associated to the project in Zambia where Hockey Dreams Foundation (HDF) has been running clinics with hundreds of children and training local coaches. More than hundreds hockey sticks, apparel, bags […]

Dragflick Masterclass – Gonzalo Peillat

One of the best dragflicker in the world Gonzalo Peillat gives a Dragflick Masterclass to learn the 5 main steps of hockey dragflick.  1. Step Sequence  2. Body Position  3. Stick Position  4. Ball Position  5. Follow Through Gonzalo Peillat played for the Argentinian National team and competed at the Rio Olympic games in 2016 […]

GRYPHON start a Hockey Equipment Recycle Program with ambassadors in Australia

Having seen the benefit that donating rounding up and donating old equipment can have after our involvement and partnerships with Timor Leste Hockey Federation and Hockey Dreams Foundation, we have decided to set up our own Recycle Program which we are really excited to continue developing. To get the latest range, our Australian ambassadors have […]

Welcome back Janne Müller-Wieland!

We are delighted to announce the return of Janne Müller-Wieland to GRYPHON. Janne, Germany’s captain and an extremely experienced player boasts over 300 International Caps for her country. She has represented Germany for over 12 years and played in Beijing, London and the Rio Olympic Games. With Tokyo on the horizon and events around the […]

The Red Caribou hope to make Canadian history

“2019 was a really heavy year for us with the Canadian National team, with lots of travel and practise games preparing us for the Olympic Qualification events. After losing in the finals at the Pan Am Games and failing to qualify for Tokyo then, we knew we had to put everything into winning our OQ […]