Behind The Bold Design of The Taboo Bluesteel GXXII

It goes without saying that the Taboo Bluesteel GXXII’s bold look will sweep any player off their feet. But, there’s more to this stick than meets the eye. 

As part of our GXXII series, the Taboo Bluesteel collection combines years of innovation, science and cutting-edge technology with one fundamental goal: to push the outer limits. 

Following a meticulous manufacturing process, the Taboo Bluesteel GXXII offers the perfect balance of power and feel on the field. The stick’s unique shape is designed to give players extreme power in the palm of their hands, while its smooth, cushioned feel ensures they always have control, even when executing the most elite-level skills. 

The best way to describe the colour is bold and fearless. Our design team experimented with a variety of shades before nailing the striking metallic blue colour which makes this stick truly stand out. 

The Taboo Bluesteel GXXII comes in five different shapes: Classic Curve, Pro-25, T-Bone, Samurai and Deluxe-II. Each shape features a unique curve peak and position, as well as a distinctive head shape. 

The classic C shape is great for mastering the basics while still being able to trap and shoot at the highest level. The go-to Taboo Bluesteel stick for Belgium striker Nicolas de Kerpel is the Pro-25. As with the T-Bone, this stick has a low bow and thicker shaft, helping players master backhand skills, flicks and overheads with polished precision. 

For Australian defender Penny Squibb and Spanish striker José Basterra, the Samurai is their weapon of choice on the field. Like the Deluxe-II, the Samurai has an extra low bow to maximise drag flicking ability with a smooth, natural feel throughout the game. The Samurai also features Groove Control, helping you carry out high-level skills with ultimate speed and control. 

Striking the perfect balance of power and feel, the Taboo Bluesteel is a force to be reckoned with on the field. Whether you want to master the basics or level up your aerial skills, this stick possesses all the power, edge and precision you’re looking for. 

Experience the difference today. Browse the new Gryphon Taboo Bluesteel GXXII range online or in stores and unleash your true power.  

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