– Open Palm
– Moulded hard shell on hand and fingers knuckles
– Adjustable straps
– Extra length on the fingers

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Product Description

We thought we would upgrade the Gmitt Pro G3 to offer all players the best gear. With the Gmitt Deluxe we have used the Gmitt Pro G3 mould and added an extra length to each fingers for the ones who prefer extra protection on their fingers.

It still maintains the unique Gryphon design, offerring a lightweight mobile glove that still gives you maximum comfort and protection. The open palm allows you to have more contact with your stick handle and is unnoticeable during play. The protective inserts are moulded to fit around your hand and are broken by a dense foam under layer to give your hand added safety. Aside from the back of the palm being well covered, each finger also has a small hard barrier. Secured with an adjustable wristband, you won’t notice this glove until you’ve taken a hit and played on.

Additional Information


Size : XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL
Colours available : Black/White, Cyan/Black, White/Black