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Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Tomorrow, Carla Rebecchi, is set to play in her 300th International game for Argentina, against Great Britain in the #FIHProLeague. Already one of the most capped players in the current Argentinian side, Carla will be reaching this incredible milestone, having made a come-back just 6 months after giving birth to her child, Vera.

Carla, now aged 34, began playing Hockey at 6 years old at Banco Privincia Club, Buenos Aires. At 12 years old she moved to Ciudad De Buenos Aires Hockey Club, where she still plays to this day. During her International career, she has captained the side, won two Olympic medals, one silver and one bronze. She has scored 156 goals and also won a World Championship back in 2010.

After 14 years wearing the blue and white, at the age of 32, she retired from International duties and had a child with her husband Jorge. However two years out of the game, she returned to club hockey, and shortly after made the decision to start playing for Argentina again. Carla made a comeback!

While Rebecchi says it is an exciting moment to reach the 300 caps milestone, her number one focus has always been about the team.

"I really feel I have something more to give to Argentina, to the team. And also a big motivation are the Olympics in Tokyo 2020, I would really like to get there."

"I'm very much enjoying playing in the team again, although with Vera it is a bigger effort than before. We try to take her to all the trips we can, maybe not the long ones. It's a bit difficult on these trips because I miss her a lot, but I try to keep busy so the days pass easier. I know she is really good with her father so that makes it much better for me."

Carla's teammate Paula Ortiz describes her as "A great person and player."

"Una gran persona y jugadora. Desde que yo era chica la veo jugar y tengo el honor de compartir cancha con ella, nunca deje de admirar el esfuerzo y dedicación que tiene por este deporte siempre bien dispuesta para entrenar y darlo todo. Además de siempre estar para dar un consejo y ayudar. Creo uno de los mejores recuerdos que tengo fue cuando convirtió el gol vs Inglaterra en el mundial de la haya, fue un gol faltando segundo."

"A great person and player. I have watched her play since I was a young girl, and now I have the honour of sharing the court with her. I never cease to admire the effort and dedication she has for this sport, always ready to train and give it all. As well as always giving advice and help. I think one of the best memories I have was when she scored against England in the World Cup, with one second to go."

We asked Carla what her goals are since rejoining the National Programme:

"My goals with the team for this year are to play in the final four of the Pro League, win the Pan American games so that we can get the qualification for Tokyo 2020. For 2020 I have the dream of winning Olympic Gold."

Congratulations Carla on such an incredible career and achievement.


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