BROOKE PERIS – Our Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Ambassador

Updated: Mar 8, 2018

The resilient Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Ambassador is creating her own imprint on and off the field.

Brooke Peris

Carrying the support of her community with her wherever she goes.

As a young budding athlete hailing from the top end of Australia, Brooke threw caution to the wind and left her close family and friends to pursue her hockey passion. And the dividends have payed off with Brooke notching up over 100 caps for the Hockeyroos to date, as well as taking home a gold medal from the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, and becoming an Olympian 2 years later at the Rio Olympics in 2016.

She is now hoping to inspire future athletes to pursue their dreams.

“When I’m home, you know the kids are playing footy and hockey and I see so much talent but for some reason they stop and they stay at home, they don’t actually go and explore and show the world what they got. You know it’s a real shame but at the same time, I don’t want to encourage them if they don’t want to. But I will go home and tell them that they belong somewhere else, if you’ve got a dream go live it. It’s really about challenging yourself and getting out of your skin and going to live your dreams.”

As a constant inspiration to us we can see how young athletes can look up to Brooke and take inspiration in her career so far. Her passion and competitiveness is evident in every contest on the pitch, while her demeanor and professionalism off the pitch continues to inspire all who know her. She has created hope and a realization that coming from a unique and small community doesn’t mean your dreams aren’t achievable. If anything the support such a tight knit community can offer can be an advantage and help empower her in those nitty gritty times.

Speaking about some of the challenges she faced making the move to Perth to join the AIS training environment, she recognizes the culture shock and difficulty being away from her tight knit family. Although a hard road to travel she has paved a way for future athletes to follow their dreams.

“No matter how much talent you have it’s hard to leave somewhere where you feel comfortable, you feel at home and feel at peace. You know, my second cousins are my best friends, I hold them so close to my heart and all my aunties and uncles, I speak to them on a regular basis. But once you do leave and once you get comfortable in your team environment, you figure out that you are who you are.”

We are proud of what Brooke has achieved and are glad to be a part of her journey.  We wish her all the best in her upcoming tournaments and will be following closely!

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