“The journey started in the late 1970’s with Peter Haselhurst a young Australian Hockey player, keen surfer and tertiary physics student getting frustrated by his Hockey sticks continually breaking.
Peter decided to experiment with fiberglass and resin systems to repair hockey sticks finding not only that the repaired sticks lasted longer but also were much stiffer so they were better to play with. They had better feel when trapping, dribbling and far better ball speed when hitting and pushing.
Peter as the budding entrepreneur, was making money by fixing sticks and on-selling re-engineered sticks to players in the local Perth league with a spray painted stenciled “Gryphon” as a signature for his work. In the early 1980’s Peter formally co-founded with teammate Richard Charlesworth, starting the company and brand Gryphon with the sale of a car for working capital. As such a journey was undertaken to Pakistan to set in motion the business of having manufacturers make sticks the Gryphon way.”


Peter Haselhurst - Gryphon's founderSince its origin Gryphon has been influential in the progression of stick manufacturing. Fast forward over 30 years and the brand is still driving the limits in a dynamic global market, proudly displaying its Australian heritage.
Ultimately, every hockey player plays for the love of the game. We believe the enjoyment of playing Hockey is enhanced by using the best quality products out there. The philosophy of Gryphon is to be the best Hockey company providing the best quality products as an avenue to enjoying life. It is important to us to continue to push the boundaries and offer you the best quality hockey equipment in the world.
To that end, we strive to provide a range to not only the best players, but all players alike. Our values demonstrate our ambition to provide players with the best gear to enable them to perform the best so they can take pride in the quality of gear they use. We want players to be connected to this unique story and character that our brand encompasses, and to be a part of the journey!
We call this GRYPHON-LIFE