Sentinel Series

The SENTINEL Series is designed around a strong profile that offers a huge surface area for high class stick saves while maintaining a lightweight and well balanced feel for a goalie stick. The lay-up provides a high responsive touch while damping most of the vibrations resulting for strong stick save.

The high balance point and the lightweight of the SENTINEL make it perfect for goalies looking for great control and fluidity in their stick movements.

The maximal head shape give you that little extra for your stick saves while the thick and edgy shaft offer additional grip to prevent it twisting in the hands while deflecting the ball away from the goal.


Sizes: 36.5″, 37.5″ and 38.5″
Fiber Composition: Carbon, Fiberglass. Aramid
Targeted Weight: 435-480gr

*The carbon quotient expresses an indicative stiffness measure of GRYPHON sticks as a relative measure to the widely used carbon percentages.