GRYPHON Pack Chat EP 1: Trent Mitton

Join us on this video podcast as we sit down with Australian field hockey legend, Trent Mitton, to discuss his illustrious hockey career. From his humble beginnings in Western Australia, to representing his country on the world stage, Trent has been a force to be reckoned with in the sport of field hockey.

During our chat, we delve into his early years, including his time playing for the Kookaburras junior team, before moving on to discuss some of his most memorable moments in the game. We explore his experiences competing in the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, as well as his time playing professionally in Europe.

But our conversation goes beyond just the highs of his career. Trent also opens up about some of the challenges he’s faced along the way, from injury setbacks to tough losses on the pitch. Through it all, he’s remained a fierce competitor and a role model for young athletes everywhere.

So if you’re a fan of field hockey, or just love hearing from top athletes about what it takes to succeed, be sure to tune in to this inspiring and insightful conversation with Trent Mitton.