How can I contact Gryphon if I have questions ?
Please use the “Contact us” page to email us directly or find the list of your local distributor, here

I purchased a Gryphon product, how can I be sure it is genuine ?
If you purchased your Gryphon product from an approved retailer you can be sure your product is genuine.

How can I get sponsored ?
If you want to be sponsored, post pictures, get yourself in a video and we will find you… You can also contact us directly using the form available in “Sponsorship”.

What are the terms of the warranty on Gryphon products ?
Gryphon products are guaranteed against all manufacturing or material defect in case of a normal use.


How can I follow Gryphon news ?
Our social media account are the following :
FACEBOOK : Gryphon Hockey
TWITTER : Gryphon Hockey
INSTAGRAM : GryphonLife
YOUTUBE : GryphonLife

Do you have a catalog ?
We don’t send printed catalog. However all information is available on our website. Alternatively,  contact or drop into your local distributor to get more information about their collection.


What can I do about an Gryphon product I bought that is defective ?
Please make contact with the reseller you bought your product from. You can find the list of our resellers, here

Where can I buy Gryphon products ?
You can purchase Gryphon products from any of our distributors worldwide. To find the list of the authorised dealer near you, click here.


Who do I contact if I want to become a retailer ?
If you are interested in becoming a retailer, please use the “Contact Us” page.

Who do I contact if I’m with the press or the media ?
Please email us at