Power meets precision in the new Gryphon GXXII series

Throughout the decades, we’ve seen everything from turbo timber sticks to light-weight fibreglass weapons, but none have been able to achieve perfect precision and explosive power in one sleek package; that is until now. 

Introducing the Gryphon GXXII series. The result of years of innovation and cutting-edge technology, this revolutionary new series is one of our most anticipated ranges yet, and for good reason.


The remarkably balanced series features a superior design with a lightweight feel and lay up to give advanced players the ultimate power and feel on the field. Taking it a step further, the supreme grip makes elite-level skills easy and the most explosive shots effortless. 

Some of our favourite showstoppers from this series include the Tour GXXII and the Taboo Bluesteel GXXII, a must-have for any serious striker. Built for the pros by the pros, each of these sticks is seamlessly unique and crafted with a particular player in mind. 

The Tour GXXII features not one but six different stick shapes for a tailored feel attuned to your individual style, technique and flair. Execute high-quality basics with the extended head shape of the T-bone or level up dynamic skills with the P25 and P21’s compact design. Crafted with Kraibon® Technology, a superior film made of non-cross-linked rubber, the Tour GXXII series is perfect for players looking for a crisp, responsive feel.

The Taboo Bluesteel GXXII is another stick pushing the limits on the field. Boasting a super smooth touch and extreme power, this range strikes the perfect balance of explosiveness and polished skills. The highly responsive feel also gives you ultimate control of the ball, allowing you to shoot your shot in the nick of time and make it count. 

We can’t talk about the Taboo Bluesteel GXXII without mentioning its impressive look, some would even say it puts Zoolander to shame. With a sleek design and bold blue detail, your high-level skills will always have a style to match. 

If you’re looking for an explosive stick to take your skill to the next level, this is it. Browse the Gryphon GXXII range online or in stores and be the first to get your hands on this bold, new collection

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