The Tour D2 defies gravity. The ultra late bow offers a superb capacity for 3D aerial skills and finishing high into the net as it allows a real ease of getting underneath the ball with perfect control. The design is structured to create a scoop emphasis at the end of the stick, meaning there is greater deception when jinking, dribbling and overheading. Due to this late bow a slight change in stick position when hitting and trapping is required to ensure the stick face is positioned correctly to get clean contact with the ball. Reverse stick skills are made easy with small wrist movements allowing reverse lifts and back stick passes to be well executed all while allowing a natural feel at the same time. It also boasts incredible power with its stiff lay-up structure, and great control for a hard hitting and deceptive shot. Combine this all to make this stick a force to be reckoned with when eliminating the all over the field.

Take one look at the hard hitting power of Eddie Bone and the solid skills crafted by Ben Craig to see what this stick has to offer. With quality aerial skills, overhead ability and excellent forehand and backhand deception these Australian players broadcast all of the great attributes this stick is designed for.  Add in their ability to dribble with the ball and craftiness in eliminating and passing, and they are a powerful force in international hockey.

Perfect for players wanting great ball control combined with the ease of 3D skills and deception. The crisp first touch it offers as well as the smooth feeling when on the ball suits ball handlers and those looking for the speed and skill when eliminating. Throw in the ability to rip a fast drag flick style pass or shot and this stick has so much to offer.