Our gloves are build to respect the anatomical movements of the hand and the wrist. Made with flexible materials GRYPHON protective gloves ensure that you will remain comfortable to avoid fatigue and distraction while playing.

GRYPHON handguards are designed to offers multiple levels of performance :
– Impact protector
– Abrasion resistant
– Comfort

The G-Mitt series offers the best protection to comfort ratio. Our hand guards prevents soft tissues injuries from contact with the hockey turfs and reduce the impact with hockey sticks and balls which may save you from serious fractures.

The EVA protective foam and moulded hard shells help absorb and spread the impact of a direct strike. These ultra light protectors are located on the knuckles and hand dorsal handguard

The Range

• G-Mitt Revolution DX – Open palm & long fingers
• G-Mitt Revolution – Open palm & short finger

• Gmitt Deluxe 
– Open palm & long fingers
• Gmitt Pro – Open palm & short fingers
• Gmitt – Closed palm & short fingers

• Millenium Pro & Millenium
• Pajero SUPREME & Pajero