Chrome GXXII Series

"Hone your talents"

Bringing to you that refined power to hit the distance you need while also incorporating the energy reduction system to get you a nice soft touch on the ball so you can execute any skills you need at any time. A great range to set yourself up and get ready to take on the next level


Power: From Refined to Improved
Feel: From Polished to Steady
Carbon Quotient*: From 75 to 40 CQ
Fiber Composition: Carbon, Fibreglass & Aramid
Targeted Weight: 535gr
Shapes**: Classic Curve, PRO-25, T-Bone, Deuce-II & Samurai

*The carbon quotient expresses an indicative stiffness measure of GRYPHON sticks as a relative measure to the widely used carbon percentages.


  • ERS
  • High Balance Point