A tough and durable glove, designed for protection in those hard hitting moments so you can have the confidence to enter every contest fully competitive. The open palm allows you to maintain your feel and touch on your stick, while keeping the glove firmly positioned to provide maximum protection to those tender areas. The adjustable straps and extra long flexible fingertips let it mould into the shape of your hand, without compromising your grip or range of movement. Its sleek and trendy design pairs well with Gryphon range, to combine style and safety into one product.

Worn by tough striker Kathryn Slattery who doesn’t let any ball get past her without a fight. It gives her that full confidence to get down low and ready in the press, with her left hand on the ground ready to cop any hard hitting ball flying her way. That sort of courage is achieved by the knowledge she has the best protection and can play freely with fear of injury. Throw in a few diving deflections and you can see how this glove offers all round protection from hits and scrapes, all whilst allowing free mobility to complete the skills in your toolbox.